Beginner Violin Videos

Youth fiddle mentors from across the Yukon share how to play beginner violin.


In these videos you will learn:

  1. The parts of the violin
  2. How to hold your violin safely (rest position)
  3. How to hold your violin in playing position
  4. String names 
  5. How to hold your bow|Rocket Game
  6. How to get good sound (tone)
  7. How to place your fingers on the fiddle 
  8. Note names on the violin
  9. Fiddle tune structure
  10. Your first fiddle tune! ( Cabbages)


With thanks to our teachers:

  • Jack Walcher-Wegmann (Whitehorse)
  • Ella Lawrence (Haines Junction)
  • Grace Allaway (Haines Junction)


Looking for print resources? Beginner Violin Hand Out


Happy Fiddling! 

Getting Started

Getting ready to play

Learning about the bow and tone

Note Names on the fiddle

Fiddle tunes!